Scottsdale Bed Bug Heat Treatment – Guaranteed

Scottsdale Bed Bug Heat TreatmentOur professional bed bug heat treatments are an effective way to kill all life stages of bed bugs (including their eggs) in just one day without having to use chemicals.

Bed bug heat treatments are considered to be the most effective method to kill bed bugs. It is a fact that bed bugs are highly resistant to chemical treatments. Lucky for you, bed bugs are not so resistant to heat.

A heat treatment is so effective because heat is able to permeate into every nook and cranny of a home, killing even well-hidden bed bug nests. Heat also sinks into clothing, mattresses, and other common hiding spots. There really is nothing better.

Our bed bug heat treatments are performed using our specialized processes and heating equipment. The heat comes from the external heaters that are equipped with safety devices that include sensors and thermostats that will allow us to safely heat the entire structure to 150 degrees.

We offer a 1-year warranty with our bed bug heat treatments. If you see another bed bug within your warranty period, just give us a call and we will retreat.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Benefits

  • Most effective treatment. kills all bed bugs and eggs in 8 hours or less. Immediate relief from bed bugs and bites
  • Entire home and rooms are heated to 150 degrees. Bed bugs and eggs cannot withstand this heat and are instantly killed
  • Up to a 1 Year Warranty – If you see any living bed bugs during yourone year warranty period, we will retreat at no cost

With the experience of Phoenix Bed Bug Expert, you can rest assured that your bed bug problem can quickly and easily become a thing of the past. We can easily get rid of bed bugs in your home without encountering any difficulties and hassles.

Phoenix Bed Bug Expert offers extremely affordable prices that will fit just about any budget. If you notice that your home has bed bugs, all you need to do is to contact Phoenix Bed Bug and rest assured we will get them out as soon as possible!

I had bids from a bunch of different bed bug exterminators that perform heat treatments. Phoenix Bed Bug Expert is who I selected. Not only were their prices the most competitive, but they did not try to scare us or sell us services we did not need.
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Sincerely, Lisa H.